Frequently Asked Question

If you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to contact the main office.

Some questions that students and parents/guardians frequently ask the main office and administration appear below with their answers.

What do I do if I am late for a class or will be absent due to illness, appointments, etc...?


  • Call our main office before 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence
  • No student is to leave the school property when classesare scheduled, without signing out with their teacher.  This includes leaving school early for an appoiintment or due to illness.
  • See main office for adittional information.

When do buses arrive and leave the schools each day?


You can visit the RCJTC website for more information on your particular bus.

How do I know if buses are delayed or cancelled due to weather?


Listen to your local radio station and visit the RCJTC website in the morning for bus delays and cancellations.  Remember that if a bus is cancelled in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon.  Visit school bus status for more information on busing

What do I do if i require transportation after achool to an alternate location different than my home?


The school is unable to give bus passes to students on a daily basis except in the case of an emergency due to policies from our Transportation Department.  For more regular transportation arrangements, you must complete a Transportation Consideration for Sec Students Request Form on the RCJTC website.  The transportation after school to the alternate location must be for work/academic needs or to/from a co-op placement.  The vehicle providing the service must also be the same vehicle as used from home and an existing stop must be used.  No new stops will be added to the route.  Requests must be re-applied for annually.  Ordinarly, requests take one to two weeks to review, and there is no quarentee that the request will be granted.  Visit the RCJTC website for details.

What is the best way to get in touch with a teacher?

Visit staff contacts to determine our teachers preferred method of contact (email or phone).  If parents call the school during class time, a message will be taken through the office.

How can I get a copy of my transcript?

Contact the main office of the school you last attended or completed a credit.