What is Correspondence? 

Those adults unable to attend a day program can earn high school credits at home by completing a correspondence course.

Deposit:  $50 per course($100 for select courses), refundable if books are returned within 6 months

Registration: Bring an updated transcript from you last high school, and Birth Certificate to your local Continuing Education office between 8:30 am and 11:30 am (Monday through Friday)

Policy Regarding High School Students Registering For Correspondence Courses:

 Effective February 8, 2013

In instances where secondary students indicate they wish to access a particular course through an alternative delivery model the student should be directed to E-learning.  If E-Learning proves not to be an effective strategy and the student wishes to pursue correspondence through Continuing and Community Education the following policy is in effect.

The following policy is in place for secondary students attending regular day school who wish to register as correspondence students for compulsory courses during the regular school day and/or during the summer.

Secondary students will be permitted to register for correspondence courses in compulsory subjects with the Continuing and Community Education Department if one of the two following conditions apply:

  1. The student has completed the course in regular day school but was not successful or wants to upgrade his/her mark and is a part time student at their home day school.
  2. The student has completed the course in regular day school but was not successful or wants to upgrade his/her mark and is registering as a summer school correspondence student.

The student presents a letter signed by the principal of his/her day school stating that due to timetable conflicts concerning compulsory courses, co-operative education, athletic programs or extraordinary circumstances the student cannot register for the compulsory course in his/her regular day school.

 If a student's timetable conflicts a compulsory course with an elective the student should complete the compulsory course rather than elect to enrol in a correspondence course.

  1. Students registering for non-compulsory courses may do so if they are registered as a part time student in their home day school.
  2. Any secondary student may register for non-compulsory courses during the summer.
  3. All lessons and exams must be completed before a student re-registers as a full time student with a day school.  If a student fails to do so he/she forfeits the credit or agrees to pay for any marking that is completed after he/she re-registers as a full time student in a day school